Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Friday's protest, Cairo

It wasn't only the Muslim Brotherhood at this protest. They were people who are against the military dictatorship. A young woman told me: "I'm an Egyptian and that's all what I have in common with the Muslim Brotherhood. We are all against the military ruling our country."
People were shouting: "Why did you give Sisi authorization to kill our brother, to kill our sister?", "Sisi is a killer!", "Thepolice and the army have blood on their hands!", "Down with the military dogs!"

As we saw the snipers ready to shoot on the top of a tall building next to the street blocked by the security forces. We were all thinking: they can start to shoot anytime now, without a warning, without any explanation - they have done it before and they will do it before. We were lucky though, nobody died that day in Cairo. There were 2 dead though in other cities that day.

06/09/13, Cairo